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GHC Labs offers feed, forage, milk and microbiological lab services
supporting farmers across the United States.

We are certified by the NFTA and Cornell's Milk Quality Solutions Program. Our labs function purely to be the regional leader in the efficient delivery of high-quality, cost-effective agricultural laboratory services and to continually improve our services to meet our customers' needs.

The quality and timeliness of our results remains our priority. Our continual efforts to provide cutting edge assays and unequaled customer support maintain our industry leadership. To assure highest quality results, we are affiliated with Dairy One, a major presence in the ag lab industry. Our world class sample database is validated and updated continuously to provide precise results typically within 24 hours.

Lab Brochure Frontpage: front.pdf
Forage Lab Services: forage.pdf
Ruminal Fermentation Services: fermentation.pdf
Milk & Microbiological Services: milk-micro.pdf
New Clients: new-client.pdf (bring or mail in, or simply call with info)

Call to get on our sampling rotation or to arrange a sample pick-up.

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